VIDEO: Cops Draw Guns on Yankees GM Brian Cashman During Traffic Stop

Ryan Phillips

Brian Cashman got quite the scare during a traffic stop last week. Connecticut cops pulled their guns and aimed them right at the New York Yankees general manager as they believed he was driving a stolen car. Footage of the encounter has now been released.

Check it out:

The 52-year-old Cashman was pulled over in Darien, Connecticut on Friday after police believed he was driving a stolen Jeep. Obviously, he wasn’t, but an incredibly intense encounter followed after the officers got him to pull over. It ended well though, as Cashman proved he wasn’t the guy they were looking for and one of the officers even recognized him.

TMZ has the explanation for the mixup:

The backstory behind the stop is wild … Cashman had his Jeep stolen in Connecticut a few weeks ago, and after it was found in the Bronx and returned to Cashman — he drove it back to Connecticut to have it processed for evidence.

But, Cashman says cops forgot to take the car off the stolen list when they returned it … and when Darien cops ran his license plate, it still came up as a stolen vehicle.

To make matters worse, Cashman says Darien police were already looking for a white Jeep after a man driving that car had allegedly brandished a gun in a local doctor’s office.

Yeah that’s an intense situation. We’re glad no one got hurt and everything has been sorted out.