VIDEO: Colleen Wolfe and Ben Bartch Make and Drink Infamous Smoothie

Ryan Glasspiegel
Colleen Wolfe and Ben Bartch making smoothie
Colleen Wolfe and Ben Bartch making smoothie /

In the exclusive that just about everyone in the business had to be gunning for, NFL Network host Colleen Wolfe landed former University of Minnesota offensive lineman Ben Bartch to concoct and drink the now-infamous smoothie that helped him put on 60 pounds. The recipe includes seven scrambled eggs, bananas, a tub of cottage cheese, peanut butter, grits, and red Gatorade:

Wolfe was justifiably pleasantly surprised when the smoothie was "actually not that bad". As an aside, a former roommate of mine had a theory that everything that tastes good tastes good together. This smoothie is a supersized stretch of that theory, but at least by Wolfe's reaction did not contradict it.