VIDEO: Colin Cowherd Rips Dan Patrick: "He needs 35 producers to fill a segment"

Ryan Glasspiegel

Colin Cowherd discussed Johnny Manziel’s entering rehab on his ESPN radio show today. He spoke about everyone who was ripping Skip Bayless for calling Manziel an alcoholic (Drew Magary had a good column decrying those naysayers last month), and said that while he wouldn’t use that specific word, he knows how hard live TV/radio is, and respects Bayless’s work ethic. Then Cowherd veered into this tangent:

"I’ve worked in this business 35 years. Skip outworks all of us. The hardest working guy when I got into this business was Jim Rome … That guy grinds it every day. You don’t know anybody that works like him. This radio business I’m in is full of guys who read the sports page and rip crap off. I’m here three hours a day. So is Rome-y. Dan Patrick doesn’t work as hard as Rome — not even close. That’s why I’ve always respected Rome-y. He puts the time in. Patrick needs 35 producers to fill a segment."

Patrick and Cowherd have a feud that dates back to at least 2012.