VIDEO: Colin Cowherd on Kobe Bryant

Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd /

Colin Cowherd reflected on Kobe Bryant's enormous life and sudden death to begin his show today and drove home the point that the basketball superstar grew up in the public eye, and spent more time in it than outside of it. He listed the various iterations of Bryant and laid out how he bridged eras while continuously re-inventing himself:

Cowherd's observation leads me to my own observation. And that's that Bryant turned a nation into compliers. We stacked up our own memories of his various moments and they grew high. Our chest was full, and part of the outpouring yesterday is based on the collective realization there'd be nothing more to put in there.

Organizing one's thoughts is difficult in a time like this. Cowherd's monologue shows how in-depth one can go when given nearly 24 hours to prepare. It also suggests that some of the most powerful stuff may be coming as the pure shock subsides.

There are so many avenues to explore, and so many days of communal healing ahead. The magnitude of yesterday's events were readily apparent, but somehow seem even bigger today.