VIDEO: Colin Cowherd With Bill Belichick's Face is Disconcerting

Liam McKeone
Colin "Bill Belichick" Cowherd
Colin "Bill Belichick" Cowherd /

Down in Miami prepping for Super Bowl LIV, Colin Cowherd introduced a new segment on The Herd called "Trading Faces." In the segment, he discusses how he envisioned a free agency conversation between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick went down in Foxborough... while wearing their faces.

I won't waste any more words trying to describe this. You can only see for yourself.

I went with disconcerting in the headline, but you can choose any sort of word for how this makes you feel. I lean towards unsettling, perhaps even uncomfortable. There is just no way to prepare for how Belichick's grizzled mug will look on Cowherd (unless you still use the FaceSwap feature on SnapChat, I guess).

A fun segment, to be sure. But viewer discretion advised, man.