VIDEO: Cody Rhodes Taking 10 Lashes from MJF Was Compelling and Anguishing

Ryan Glasspiegel
Cody Rhodes after taking 10 lashes
Cody Rhodes after taking 10 lashes / AEW

Cody Rhodes, as part of the stipulations for him to compete in a match against MJF at AEW Revolution in Chicago later this month, had to take 10 belt lashes from his adversary without laying hands on him:

This was alternately really compelling and anguishing wrestling television. Both MJF and Cody are phenomenal performers, and the way MJF drew this out as Cody was writhing in pain made it impossible to look away even as it was uncomfortable to watch.

The angle here has been built over a period of a few months. MJF was in Cody's corner for his AEW championship match against Chris Jericho, and the stipulation of that match was that if Cody lost he could never compete for that belt again (for some reason, I think that will wind up being a storyline subject to change .....).

MJF threw in the towel, costing Cody the match (he appeared on the trajectory towards losing it regardless, but you never know what will happen in a wrestling match unless you're the one scripting it), and then beat him up. In order for Cody to get revenge, MJF stipulated that Cody could not lay hands on him before the match, that he'd have to take 10 belt lashes, and that he'd have to compete against MJF's goon Wardlow in a cage match.

Every time they are on, these segments have been impossible to miss.