VIDEO: CM Punk Was Nervous Leading Up to WWE Backstage Shocker

Ryan Glasspiegel

While there have been rumors about talks for months, it was nonetheless hugely surprising when CM Punk showed up at the end of WWE Backstage on FS1 on Tuesday -- so much so that even the performers themselves couldn't quite believe it. FOX Sports put together a video of the hour-plus leading up to Punk's entrance:

It was an interesting wrinkle that Punk admitted he was nervous for the moment. Obviously this is a natural emotion given that he's been away from the WWE universe for nearly six years, but it's still different to see him acknowledge the vulnerability.

I get that this is a really weird thing for me to say if you're not a wrestling fan, but I've legitimately been having goosebumps from the moment all week, and am pretty excited to see where this all heads next.