VIDEO: CM Punk Shows up on FS1 WWE Backstage

Ryan Glasspiegel

CM Punk, who's been out of WWE since 2014, showed up on the set of WWE Backstage on FS1 tonight after Renee Young teased that the show wants to create iconic moments. Even though his involvement in this show has been reported on for months, this was still a holy bleep moment:

Yeah, this mostly wound up being a tease for next week, but what a tease this was!

Backstage is a WWE-adjacent property being produced by FS1, but it's nonetheless still crazy to see CM Punk affiliated with the program considering his interview and ensuing lawsuit that dragged on bitterly for years. Now the obvious question becomes if and when this is a bridge for him to return for a match, and what that angle would entail.

PS - A quietly fantastic part of this video is Paige seemingly having no idea it was coming, asking if it was a rib before Punk walked out.