VIDEO: Chris Jericho Interrupts The Rock in WWE Debut, 20 Years Ago Today

Ryan Glasspiegel

Every time one of these WWE Attitude era anniversary milestones pops up, my reaction is pretty much the same: I can’t believe it was that long ago, I feel old, and then I do my blogging duty.

Chris Jericho made his WWE debut 20 years ago tonight in Chicago, cutting a long promo on what he said was the general staleness of the product, and triggering a counterpoint in which The Rock ultimately got the last word.

While in hindsight this can feel like a big moment in the fabled Monday Night Wars, WWE had already been beating WCW for a lot of 1998 and essentially all of 1999. Nonetheless, it did represent the time in which talent began to flow from WCW to WWE.

What’s also noteworthy is that Jericho is still kicking around at a high level; he is one of the faces of the upstart AEW and has a match against Hangman Page at All Out over Labor Day weekend where the winner will be crowned the promotion’s first champion.