VIDEO: Chicago Bears Break Out Tug-of-War Celebration After Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Touchdown

Kyle Koster
Chicago Bears v Washington Redskins
Chicago Bears v Washington Redskins / Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears have an intimidating defense and a middling offense. What is the gameplan for a team with this inequity among the units? Just have the defense do everything. Stop the other side. Get field position. Hell, go ahead and score the touchdown themselves.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, returning to play against his former team, exacted some revenge by snaring a terrible Case Keenum pass and running it into the end zone for six points. So, yeah, Clinton-Dix has accounted for more touchdowns this year than Mitch Trubisky.

The NFL wisely loosed up the no-fun aspect of the game a few years ago, so the teams can really let their hair down in the celebration department. The Bears defense opted to do a tug-of-war demonstration, which was pretty much the apex of entertainment in the olden days. If a gang of shirtless strongmen rolled into town and did the ancient art of rope-pulling in the town square, it was the highlight of many lives. Don't even get me started about how bananas the crowd would go if the defeated side were made to topple over into mud.