VIDEO: Bill Walton Ate a Lit Cupcake On-Air


Not much setup required here. History won’t remember much about the game Bill Walton[autotag] ate a lit cupcake during but let the record reflect it was Arizona State-Washington and the Sun Devils handed the Huskies their first Pac-12 loss.

Walton, who has an very open mind and is willing to experiment, decided to go face-first to the flame, catching his partner Dave Pasch — and the rest of the rational world — off-guard.

Let this be a siren call to the suburban dads out there. We should all do this at the next child’s birthday party we’re forced to attend. Really give the masses something to talk about instead of struggling through the small talk.

Walton is a visionary. Not tonguing fire is so yesterday. Swallowing it is the new hotness.