VIDEO: Bill Belichick Stared Down Dana Jacobson on CBS After Antonio Brown Question

Brian Giuffra

As a reporter, sometimes you have to ask tough questions that result in awkward moments between you and your interviewee. But Bill Belichick somehow took what we thought was awkward and ratcheted things up about one million notches with his response to Dana Jacobson ahead of the Patriots game against the Jets.

Asked what was the final straw that led to the Patriots cutting Antonio Brown, Belichick sidestepped the question as he often does before shooting a death stare at Jacobson.

Clearly Belichick is sick of being asked about Brown, and his reaction to this question says it all. He didn't feel it was an appropriate question.

However, in fairness to Jacobson, she's just doing her job. Not asking about Brown would be a mistake as a reporter, especially given his Twitter tirade today.

And in fairness to Belichick, he already cut one press session short earlier this week when he was asked only about Brown, so Jacobson had to know she wasn't going to get anything from him here, especially just before a game.

At the end of it all, though, at least we got this awkward moment to remember it by.