VIDEO: Bill Belichick's Retort to Reporter's Question About Pats Fans Was Perfect

William Pitts
Bill Belichick thumbs up.
Bill Belichick thumbs up. / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

All in all, this season for the New England Patriots hasn't lived up to their usual standard of excellence. Their loss to the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Wild Card game marks the team's earliest postseason exit in a decade, and the first time they've been eliminated short of the AFC Championship Game since their loss in the 2010 Divisional Playoffs against the New York Jets.

Surely that was on this reporter's mind during the postgame press conference when she asked Pats head coach Bill Belichick, "I know it's a disappointing evening for you, but Pats Nation, your fans, have stuck with you through thick and you have any message for the fans who are so supportive of you and the team?"

Belichick's response? "We appreciate our fans...uh, I wouldn't say it's been all that thin around here."

Points to Belichick for honesty. It's a good point too, considering there are a lot of teams that would kill to experience the "thin" that New England fans have gone through. For perspective, the other losing team on Saturday, the Buffalo Bills, played their most successful season in years and still came away with nothing to show for it after a heartbreaking loss to the Texans.

There's always someone worse off.