VIDEO: Big 3 Fight Features Josh Smith vs Royce White Shoving Match

Brian Giuffra

When you’re a burgeoning league like the Big 3, it’s hard to get press. That is, unless, you have two former NBA players fighting each other. Then the faceless bloggers come out of the woodwork for their chance to discuss and dissect every moment from said disagreement.

Enter me.

During a Big 3 game between two teams whose names don’t matter at present, former big-name player Josh Smith got into an altercation with lesser-known, but still written about, player Royce White.

Looks like an MLB scrum, with the benches clearing and both players being separated without any real issues.

Smith you may remember from his time with the Atlanta Hawks back when they were getting beaten by LeBron James in the playoffs, or you may remember him for signing a $54 million deal with Pistons and then flaming out, but still getting paid by said Pistons. White was the Rockets first-round pick who left the NBA because of anxiety issues and a fear of flying. Now they’re battling in the Big 3 and getting attention for all the wrong reasons. Good for them.