Beth Mowins Doing 'Price is Right' Play-by-Play is a Thing That Happened

Kyle Koster

One of the great -- and possibly only-- joys of the internet is knowing that at any time, something can come across the transom and provide unexpected joy and merriment. Like, if you locked me a room, denied me sunlight and human interaction for years, and plied with me imagination-enhancers, I don't think I could have conjured up the idea of ESPN's Beth Mowins doing play-by-play of The Price Is Right's Showcase Showdown.

Thankfully I'm not in that situation. Yet! Mowins took her vocal talents to Drew Carey's morning jamboree in an episode that will air Nov. 27.

One missed opportunity from this audacious crossover event: not getting enormous offensive and defensive lineman up there to spin the wheel. Would love to see that thing really cook, come off its hinges and roll through the studio audience like the opening scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Something to consider for next time.