VIDEO: Baker Mayfield Zinged Colin Cowherd After Great Comeback Win

Ryan Glasspiegel

Baker Mayfield has rightfully wrested a lion’s share of the sports discussion this morning after he entered the game for Tyrod Taylor, erased a 14-point deficit, and broke the Browns’ long losing streak. After the game, Joe Thomas asked him, “How much would you pay right now for Colin Cowherd to be sitting in the seat I’m sitting in?”

“You think I want to celebrate this with him?”

Colin, of course, has been critical of Mayfield, and the two infamously sparred back and forth on The Herd in June. Last night was particularly notable because Cowherd has been a major advocate in favor of Sam Darnold, who was on the losing end of Mayfield’s great comeback.

Feels like there are many chapters left to be written in this book.