VIDEO: Baker Mayfield Shotguns Beer at Indians Game, Crowd Goes Wild

Kyle Koster

Baker Mayfield has the hopes and dreams of a long suffering Cleveland Browns franchise on his shoulder and if there’s a reason for optimism, it’s because he doesn’t seem bothered by the responsibility in the slightest.

Here’s the verbose quarterback proving himself to be a man of the people at a Cleveland Indians game Saturday night, taking the beer-chugging competition to a new level.

That, my friends and foes, is a person who enjoys the finer things in life. A man not afraid to sprint in the direction of fun and away from, uh, anyone making sure he doesn’t have too much of it.

As we’ve documented, the won’t be giving the Super Bowl trophy to the team with the best suds-guzzling signal caller. But Mayfield scored a ton of points with his performance tonight and maybe, just maybe, a bit more eventual slack when that first surprise loss of the season occurs.