VIDEO: Auburn Player Collides With Mississippi State's Bully the Bulldog

Kyle Koster
Mississippi State v Louisiana Lafayette
Mississippi State v Louisiana Lafayette / Michael Chang/Getty Images

Mississippi State's trip to Auburn is off to an abjectly terrible start. The home team has raced out to a 21-0 lead in less than seven minutes. The crowd is fired up as the Tigers look like a side hellbent on taking care of business and competing for an SEC crown and playoff berth.

To add injury to insult, Bully the Bulldog has been taken out of the game after an unfortunate collision with Auburn running back Jatarvious Whitlow.

It was, clearly, an accident. These types of blogs are always tough to write because no one wants to either see a dog get hurt or a human being get bitten by a dog. At the risk of making everyone mad, may I suggest that live animals stand slightly further away from the game action than they do presently in the name of safety?

UPDATE: Bully is fine.