VIDEO: Atlanta Hawks' Coach Lloyd Pierce Gave a Very Short, Sad Press Conference After a Blowout Loss

Stephen Douglas
Lloyd Pierce during a recent Atlanta Hawks game.
Lloyd Pierce during a recent Atlanta Hawks game. / Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzlies beat the Atlanta Hawks on Monday night, 127-88. Memphis outscored Atlanta 75-39 in the second half and 43-20 in the fourth quarter. After the game, coach Lloyd Pierce was at a loss for words and gave one of the shortest, saddest press conferences of all-time.

Officially, that was less than 40 seconds. And he still managed to work in some cliches. Pierce must feel a little like a lame duck at this point, but what can he do? He's got a young team that can't or won't respond to whatever he's trying. They appear to have broken their coach.

The Hawks are now 19-44 on the season. Last season they won 29 games in Pierce's first year as head coach.