VIDEO: Antonio Brown Pregame Warmup Include Weird New Drill

Brian Giuffra

Antonio Brown is playing for the Patriots today. Despite being sued for alleged sexual assault earlier this week, the All-Pro wide receiver has traveled with the Patriots to Miami and is expected to make his debut for New England in his home state of Florida.

While the controversy surrounding him made his first game under Bill Belichick’s watch intriguing enough, his pregame warmup added a new wrinkle. While it’s impossible to say whether he’s done this in pregame warmups before (looked, didn’t find anything), Brown indulged in an interesting pregame warm-up routine which included catching beanbags on one foot while not wearing shoes.

Listen, I’ll leave these warmup drills to the experts, but beanbags aren’t quite as formidable to catch as a Tom Brady fastball, I’ll say that. Regardless, AB is ready to roll today and likely looking to make a statement after the controversial offseason he’s endured.

Will the beanbags help? We’ll know soon enough. And if he goes off for 200 yards, expect to see more people doing this in the future.

PS: Credit to AB for the balance.