VIDEO: Angry Rick Porcello Breaks TVs in Red Sox Dugout


Rick Porcello has had a hard time channeling the 2018 or 2016 version of himself this year, carrying a meaty 5.74 ERA and a mediocre record as we hit the home stretch. He was roughed up during a start against the Tampa Bay Rays last night at Fenway Park and ended up taking out his frustration on a pair of monitors in the Boston Red Sox dugout.

Porcello expressed contrition after the ill-advised act, which actually made it harder for his teammates to win the game.

Not to pick on him, but rarely do we see a fit that combines the elements of breaking stuff while not providing much physical relief. Porcello didn’t really get his money’s worth as those monitors went bye-bye with all the resistance of some fine china. If you’re going to smash something, at least get a bat and make it memorable.

Anyway, there’s a valuable lesson here. Never go halfway in on something. Do the job right and really wreck stuff next time. Porcello won’t make the same mistake again