VIDEO: Akron Erases the Competition With Turnover Pencil

By Geoff Magliocchetti

Turnover props and trophies have become a normalized sensation in modern college football. The Akron Zips are the latest to partake, and theirs gives “draw play” a whole new meaning.

UAB’s Saturday visit to InfoCision Stadium allowed them to be the first victims of the pencil. With the Blazers leading 17-6, a Tyler Johnston pass ended up in the hands of defensive back Jordyn Riley.

The Zips’ first takeaway of the year allowed them to break out their turnover pencil, a localized inside joke. Akron is host to several pencil manufacturers, an industry that will be paid homage with every Zips steal.

Use of turnover props, popularized by Miami’s “Turnover Chain” in 2017, has been met with mixed response from football critics. Akron’s pencil, however, has gained a generally positive reception.

Unfortunately for the Zips, the good replies on social media may be the only win they gain on Saturday. They trail UAB 31-13 midway through the fourth quarter.