VIDEO: Adam Schefter Is Emphatic the Bengals Will Not Trade Joe Burrow Pick

Ryan Glasspiegel
Adam Schefter on Joe Burrow
Adam Schefter on Joe Burrow /

There has been some chatter about the possibility of Joe Burrow playing anywhere other than the Bengals, who pick first overall. Mike Florio reported that the Dolphins, who have three first round picks, "covet" Burrow. A Bengals executive told Ian Rapoport on the record that everything is on the table with their draft capital.

But Adam Schefter, who himself left open the slight possibility of a trade last week, now says that he guarantees the Bengals will select Burrow first overall:

Schefter reiterated that he believes the Bengals will listen to calls, but was emphatic that Burrow will go No. 1. Mike Greenberg pressed him to confirm that this means Cincinnati will be the one to pick him.

"I'm telling you, they're holding onto the pick, and they're going to pick Joe Burrow at No. 1," Schefter said.

Doesn't leave much wiggle room!