VIDEO: Adam Sandler Throws Perfect, No-Look Assist in Pickup Game

Ryan Phillips
Adam Sandler at Los Angeles Clippers game
Adam Sandler at Los Angeles Clippers game / Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Adam Sandler can ball!

The 53-year-old actor and comedian has long been known as a guy who takes his basketball seriously, and on Thursday we got a look at him actually playing. The only play we can see in the following video clip is a no-look assist the Sandman threw a teammate in a pickup game.

Check this out:

That's a dime! Can you imagine the pressure on that guy to make the layup? Also, gotta love Sandler's old-school baggy shorts and T-shirt.

Sandler is having a bit of a renaissance this year. His Saturday Night Live appearance was a wonderful throwback, his Netflix comedy special 100% Fresh got rave reviews, as has his performance in Uncut Gems. Now he's throwing dimes in pickup games. The man is doing it all!