VIDEO: Aaron Boone's 'Savages' Ejection is a Must-Watch


If you’re going to get thrown out of a baseball game, you should make it count. Get your money’s worth. That’s what Aaron Boone did yesterday in the first game of a Yankees-Rays doubleheader.

Fed up with home plate umpire Brennan Miller’s strike zone early and often, Boone stepped up to protect his players, namely Brett Gardner, who was on one. Boone’s angle of attack was to compliment everyone involved except Miller, saving his highest praise for the “savage” Bronx Bombers.

This is a master class. He doesn’t say anything too personal or hurtful. He criticizes the product, not the producer. He does so in an encouraging, constructive way while building up his own team and inspiring them.

He obviously deserved to get tossed, though, for continuing to argue balls and strikes after a warning. One wonders if that was his plan all along. Managing two games in a day can be hard work.

Boone has been using the “savages” term all year, but it’s largely escaped the public eye. Now it’s going to be on every T-shirt you see at the ballpark. Honestly? It’s tough to hate it.