VIDEO: 1995 Jon Gruden Was Extremely Cool

Kyle Koster

Jon Gruden has accumulated a bit of baggage over the past 24 years but then again, who among us hasn’t? There were some coaching snafus and an unremarkable run in the Monday Night Football booth but the future is bright for the energetic football lifer.

The Oakland Raiders are hoping he can capture some of the magic on display when Gruden was younger. And, really, they might settle for half the swag at this point.

Feast your eyes upon a 31-year-old Gruden, then with the Philadelphia Eagles, imparting wisdom and enthusiasm to Randall Cunningham.

That visor look ruled then and it rules now. It looks like something Kid Rock would wear on the golf course. Hipsters everywhere would sacrifice everything to get their hands on that vintage Starter jacket. Everything is so on-point.

Then there’s the self-assurance, which flows out with torrential force. Would that we could all have such confidence.

This clip is a great reminder of how great it is to feel like your whole life is ahead of you.