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Victor Wembanyama Will Clear Any Obstacle For His Fans

Stephen Douglas

Victor Wembanyama is the future of basketball. Standing 7-foot-something with great footwork, a guard's handle and seemingly unlimited range, he is the ideal player. He's also comically long which you can obviously see on a basketball court, but it doesn't really translate until you see him around normal size things. Take this video for example. Watch as he steps over two rows of stadium seating like they're not even there.

This appears to be leftover footage of Wembanyama after the Metropolitans 92 - G-League Ignite showcase a few weeks ago. After the game Wembanyama was waving to fans when one caught his eye enough that he decided to go over for a selfie. Rather than walk around two rows of seating, he simply stepped over them like they were no more than a pair of shoes he almost tripped on.

Wembanyama is clearly a human being stretched to his greatest potential. Toes and all. As he prepares to make the leap to the NBA next season, it's good to know he's also happy to reach out to his fans.