Vegas Limo Driver Caught on Traffic Cameras Driving Like He's in an Action Movie

Stephen Douglas

What happens in Vegas now shows up on TikTok thanks to technology. And from there it goes on the local news and then back on the Internet which is where you are about to watch a Las Vegas limo driver spinning his limo around and driving backwards down the strip in broad daylight.

If this limo was really doing "donuts" then cameras did not capture it. He did however pull one of those sweet moves where he hits the e-brake and spins the car around 180 degrees and drives backwards like Dom does during the Cuban street race at the beginning of The Fate of the Furious.

The responsible parent angel on my shoulder says the person who was driving that limo is a maniac who must be taken off the street. The guy on the other shoulder who watched the entire clip from Fate of the Furious before embedding it in this post thinks he should immediately move to Hollywood to work as a stunt driver. The important thing is that we can joke about this because no one got hurt.