Vanderbilt's Sarah Fuller Becomes First Woman to Play in NCAAF Power 5 Game

Liam McKeone
Sarah Fuller
Sarah Fuller /

History was made on Saturday. Vanderbilt, without their kicker this week due to COVID-19 protocols, enlisted the help of senior Sarah Fuller, whose day job is to play goalkeeper for the school's women's soccer team. She put on a set of shoulder pads for this particular game, becoming the first female athlete to dress for a Power 5 football team.

Then she became the first woman to play for a Power 5 college football program when she stepped onto the field for a kickoff. It was a remarkable moment that should, and will, go down in history.

Vandy had their punter kicking off for most of the game, but it appears they wanted to try a squib/onside kick with Fuller to try to get back into their game against Missouri.

Regardless of the why, Fuller's appearance is a landmark moment in college football history. A field goal try would have been even better, but Vanderbilt's offense has been so damn horrific today that they haven't even gotten within 10 yards of a reasonable field goal attempt at any point against Mizzou. But not even their offensive ineptitude could rob Fuller of her moment.

A great feeling on this fine Saturday. Hopefully Fuller will be seen as a trailblazer and one of the few good things to come out of the disastrous year that has been 2020.