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USFL Now Getting a Gritty, Modern Reboot

Stephen Douglas
An image from the original USFL days.
An image from the original USFL days. / Focus On Sport/Getty Images

The USFL is officially back according to Andrew Marchand of The New York Post. There are not a lot of details to share at moment besides the fact that there will be "at least" 8 teams and league will have access to the original franchise names. So dust off that Memphis Showboats merch you've been holding onto against the wishes of your significant other.

The original USFL was in operation from 1983 to 1986. There were 18 teams, but only 10 franchises were around for all four seasons. There were also six instances of teams switching cities, two name changes and a merger. And after 35 long years, some of them are finally coming back.

The USFL infamously moved from a spring to fall schedule in 1986 to compete head-to-head with the NFL in hopes they would force a merger. That obviously did not work out. And yes, New Jersey Generals owner Donald Trump was a big part of that decision making process, why do you ask?

According to Marchand, the NewSFL will return in the spring of 2022 with FOX Sports as a broadcast partner. The league is co-owned by Brian Woods, who is also CEO of The Spring League, another professional football league that plays in the spring. It's hard to believe there won't be some kind of merger involved there.

In addition to those currently unrelated spring football leagues, the XFL, which was most recently rebooted in 2020 but was ended by the pandemic, will also be returning at some point under the stewardship of The Rock. Throw in the NFL adding a 17th game and extra wild card and it is almost like there is going to be more football than a person can consume.