How Is This Video of De'Veon Smith Getting Cut from a USFL Team for a Chicken Salad Incident Real?

Kyle Koster

The new and potentially improved USFL made its first impression over the weekend to mixed reviews. It is definitely football to serve as the fix for a pigskin-obsessed nation, but there could be some speed bumps on the way to generating tons of interest. Part of the rollout included this nugget from United By Football: A Season in the USFL, a documentary series following the inaugural year that revealed Pittsburgh Maulers running back De'Veon Smith was cut for a ridiculous reason. Requesting pizza instead of chicken salad at the team hotel.

Here's the incredible footage of Maulers coach Kirby Wilson giving Smith the unfortunate news. It reads like some sort of unfunny sketch, but Smith's tweet during Saturday's airing confirmed this wasn't an elaborate bit. The official reason given is crossing the line with disrespect to a member of the staff, apparently a hard-and-fast rule that cannot be relaxed because then what, the Maulers might have players trying to get tuna salad?

Just incredible management to refuse to get any insight whatsoever on the incident from the player whose financial viability you are taking away. Once a decision is made, that's final and getting all the information is only going to get in the way.

Honestly, I kept waiting for Tim Robinson to appear from out of nowhere to break the tension. Crazy that this made the final cut considering the way it paints everyone involved.