USC Gets Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty For Celebrating With Reggie Bush

Ryan Phillips
Utah v USC
Utah v USC / Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

USC scored a huge upset over No. 10 Utah Friday night. As if the 30-23 win wasn't big enough, it was also Reggie Bush's first time back in the Coliseum since the NCAA banned him from campus in 2010. Naturally, USC's players were happy to see him around.

USC redshirt freshman Markese Stepp scored his first collegiate touchdown to give the Trojans a 30-20 lead late in the fourth quarter. He happened to be right in front of Bush and his colleagues at FS1 who were on the field as analysts. So he went right for the Trojans great and looked for a high-five.

Check this out:

And a still shot:

Stepp was given a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for that. That's absolutely an insane decision from the official. The kid was excited he scored his first career touchdown and you're flagging him for slapping hands with someone on the sideline. Are you kidding me?

Stepp's penalty wasn't the only absurd call on the night. In typical Pac-12 officiating fashion, the teams combined to be called for a whopping 27 penalties for 237 yards. It was an insane display of horrific officiating.