It Feels Like NBC is Putting More Putting On Television During the 2020 US Open

The US Open.
The US Open. / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The US Open is on television. Like, just plain television. You can pick up a remote control, turn on a television turn it to a channel and simply watch the golf. What a wild idea!

Upon scrolling through the channels this morning I was delighted to see live US Open coverage on the Golf Channel. I didn't need to download an app or set up a second screen for streaming. There was no Breakfast at Winged Foot while commentators talked about the tournament without being able to actually talk about the tournament. They showed actual golf shots on live television. It's so simple it might just work.

So this morning there is golf on the Golf Channel and then NBC takes over in the afternoon. Of course, nothing is really for free so it appears these sneaky sneaks snuck a couple hours a day onto Peacock, NBC's new streaming service. Well, I'm not paying for that.

But apparently that is also free? Why did no one tell me Peacock was free? That's also pretty nice. I have to get a computer involved, but it's not the main delivery system of the golf and NBC is putting 8-10 hours of golf on live television each day so I guess I won't complain.

As long as they follow the CBS blueprint of showing more golf shots on golf telecasts, this should be an easily accessible tournament to consume. Hopefully, the other golf majors are paying attention. Putting more putting on television is never a bad thing.