US Open Beer Chug Girl Returns

Ryan Phillips

During the 2021 US Open, a woman in attendance went viral for chugging not one, but two beers when she was shown on the big screen. Seemingly everyone fell in love with her exuberance and love of a good hoppy beverage. Well, I am pleased to inform you, she's back.

Here's video from last year, when she absolutely understood the assignment as she was shown on the big screen:

Later in the evening, she was shown again and immediately grabbed her boyfriend's beer and went to town:

Her name is Megan Lucky and she parlayed that moment of brilliance into a sizeable Instagram following:

Ms. Lucky made her triumphant return to the tournament Saturday night and she absolutely did not disappoint:

That was actually her second of the night, but video of the first hasn't been posted yet.

Here's hoping this becomes a yearly tradition because it's injecting a lot of fun into tennis, a sport that could use a boost in entertainment value.