This Headline Was Created By Urban Meyer

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Urban Meyer went 7-0 against Michigan while he was coaching Ohio State, an accomplishment he calls his top achievement. The Buckeyes mixed in 14-point, 29-point, and 33-point victories during this stretch. Once the best rivalry in all of college football, the annual game basically exists as a reminder of how the Big Two and Little Eight have become the Big One and Little 13.

Meyer hopped on with the well-sourced Dan Patrick this morning and was asked a question we all already knew the answer to. It turns out that, no, the former coach does not feel all that remorseful about beating the pants off his hated rival. You know, like any other coach since Alonzo Stagg.

Meyer knows more about football than I'll ever know, but his news judgement could use a little work. Maybe look into the Dog Bites Man-Man Bites Dog thing, dude. A headline where Meyer expresses sorrow over curb-stomping Michigan is way sexier than him confirming that he wanted to win the games by as many points as possible.

This post will probably garner, like, seven clicks. But giving Meyer the posts he envisioned creating just felt like the compassionate thing to do. A little kindness goes a long way these days.