Urban Meyer's One-Year Plan in Jacksonville Doesn't Involve Naming Trevor Lawrence Starter Yet

Stephen Douglas
Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence / James Gilbert/Getty Images

Trevor Lawrence will be the starting quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars if everything goes well over the next couple weeks. America will probably get their first real look at Lawrence next Saturday when the Jaguars play the Cleveland Browns at 7pm on the NFL Network. If Lawrence isn't under center, it's because Urban Meyer has been so happy with practice that he's going to follow Sean McVay's plan to never have his quarterback touch the field in the preseason.

So far, things have been going well enough, which is good because Meyer recently said that the Jaguars expect to win immediately. Via NFL.com:

"No, oh no," Meyer said. "If he's not the quarterback we think we can win with -- we haven't made that decision. It's not a four-year plan. It's not fair to these players. It's a one-year plan."

The Jaguars won the first game of their season last year before dropping 15 consecutive games to earn the right to draft Trevor Lawrence. Even getting up to .500 would account for one of the bigger single-season turnarounds in NFL history, so Meyer should probably at least make this a two-year plan, even if Lawrence is incredible this year.