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Urban Meyer and Charlie Strong Helped Chris Jericho During an AEW Match

Stephen Douglas
Urban Meyer and Chris Jericho at AEW in Jacksonville.
Urban Meyer and Chris Jericho at AEW in Jacksonville. /

All Elite Wrestling was in Jacksonville over Memorial Day weekend. The show went down at Daily's Place, which is connected to TIAA Bank Field. The action between Chris Jericho and MJF spilled into the bowels of the complex and the two wrestlers stumbled into a meeting between Jaguars coach Urban Meyer and assistant Charlie Strong.

The most shocking part of all this is that Meyer and Strong didn't seem concered about the assault that interupted their meeting. Instead of calling security, Strong gave Jericho footballs to throw at Maxwell Jacob Friedman. And then Meyer handed over a laptop, presumably full of plays designed to get Tim Tebow the ball, and allowed Jericho to smash the computer on his foe.

This is just asbolutely shocking behavior all around. If this is the kind of thing that Meyer not only tolerates, but seems to encourage, you have to wonder what the Jaguars locker room is going to look like this season. This will certainly not fly in London.

[image via @ChrisVannini]