UPDATE: Blair Walsh Still Sucks at Kicking

Brian Giuffra

Blair “Wide Left” Walsh is being given a third chance at redemption by the Atlanta Falcons because that’s how bad the kicking situation is in the NFL right now. The Falcons have Giorgio Tavecchio, who has looked like a bad kicker so far, as their incumbent starter. Last weekend they signed another bad kicker in Walsh, at one point a great player, to compete with him.

Well, the competition isn’t going great for Walsh, at least by all video and tweets out there.

Today in practice, Walsh “shankef”, which we can assume means shanked, four field goals, according to D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. There’s some video evidence to back it up too.

According to a few different sources, Walsh was either 4-of-9 in field goal attempts during practice, or 5-of-9. Either way, not great, as the one video indicates.

Walsh became famous for missing a 27-yard field attempt wide left in the final seconds of a 2015 playoff game, costing the Vikings a win against the Seahawks and their season. He had been an All-Pro back in 2012 when he made 35-of-38 field goals and all of his extra points. But since that 2015 playoff debacle, he was cut by the Vikings, signed by the Seahawks, made only 21-of-29 field goals in 2017, wasn’t re-signed, and then sat out all of 2018. This is likely his last audition.

And unfortunately for him, it’s not going well.

Walsh will still kick in the Falcons preseason game on Thursday and in practice until then. But if he keeps hooking them, this could be the last we see of Walsh kicking in the NFL.