University in Norway Uses Will Ferrell Super Bowl Ad to Repeatedly Dunk on America

Stephen Douglas
Norway rules.
Norway rules. /

Will Ferrell and some celebrity friends made a Super Bowl ad for General Motors where he was going to Norway because they sell more electric vehicles than the United States. It was all quite funny, but then the University of Agder (Universitetet i Agder) responded with their own video and, holy crap, is it depressing to live in America. Just watch this.

American policies are like props in a dunk contest. These people have free healthcare and tuition and women get a full year of paid maternity leave. And a new factory that uses clean renewable energy to recycle batteries from electric vehicles.

I was going to go on. I looked up how many people have tested positive and died from COVID in the United States and Norway. I've browsed the literature about how Norway took care of their businesses and citizens throughout the pandemic while we're somehow fighting for $1,400 of a promised $2,000 a year into this mess.

Norway kicks our ass in so many ways that General Motors joking about it is kind of insulting. This whole thing is depressing. I'm either going to have to move to Norway or just never think about it again. If GM would throw their entire ad campaign in the trash that would really help my mental state.