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'Undisputed' and 'The Herd' Had Their Best Days Ever on Monday

Kyle Koster
Abbie Parr/GettyImages

The San Francisco 49ers-Dallas Cowboys game is proving to be a rising tide lifting all boats. The Big Lead has learned both Undisputed and The Herd with Colin Cowherd enjoyed their best days ever from a ratings perspective on Monday. First Things First also turned in its second-most watched show to date.

Increased interest in seeing Skip Bayless react to his beloved team's devastating loss should not come as a surprise. His online behavior on Sunday night suggested he'd have something special in store. Undisputed's previous high-water mark was an average of 376,000 viewers on Jan. 5. The Herd and First Things First also set historic numbers those days.

Exact numbers should become public in short order and it will be interesting to see just how high they were able to soar. Two storied franchises playing a nail-biter full of drama and controversy is the perfect storm and Monday felt a bit different on any sports media platform. Everyone was in Cowboys' business and business was good.

Back-to-back breakout Mondays have been a boon for FS1 as all three shows are up significantly year over year, with Undisputed and First Things First doubling — or nearly doubling — their audiences. Two more football weekends suggest it's a trend that could continue.