Undead Brian Cashman Graces New York Post Sports Cover

Kyle Koster

One of the bigger surprises at yesterday’s MLB trade deadline was the inactivity by the New York YankeesBrian Cashman and other braintrust decided to stay pat while the Houston Astros pulled off brilliant move after brilliant move. A writer at this website was forced to write a piece trying to figure out what the hell the pinstriped ones are doing.

Also a bit perplexed? The sports staff of the New York Post, who decided to put an undead Cashman on the cover with a Walking Dead pun.

As a reminder, the Yankees have a 68-39 record and are 7.5 games ahead of Tampa Bay in the American League East. The sky is not exactly falling.

Not that Cashman needs any type of defense here, but it seems worth pointing out that the organization didn’t have the requisite assets in the minor leagues to pull of any Astros-type move.

That said, this is a delightful bit of tabloid journalism and would like to see more of it.