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Roy Williams Says Teams Opting Out of the ACC Tournament 'Quit'

Stephen Douglas
Roy Williams
Roy Williams / Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Roy Williams spoke with the media on a video call on Monday. Williams was asked about teams opting out of the ACC Tournament and the possibility of the tournament being canceled altogether. Williams responded by calling anyone who opts out a quitter.

"You know what opting out means? It means you freakin' quit. Whether it's a team or an individual, whatever, opting out means you quit."

We've been doing this for a year. People are sick. Hundreds of thousands of people have died in this country. Keyontae Johnson of Florida collapsed on the court earlier this season. A college football player died in September. Williams may recall that March Madness was canceled last year. Did they opt out or quit?

The real head-scratching part of this is that Williams has taken COVID-19 seriously. He wears a mask and hopes his taking the vaccine last week will encourage other to follow Dr. Fauci's advice. Here's Williams before the season. Via SI:

"“Damn, if you’re not afraid of something that’s killed over a quarter of a million people,” he said. “You’re damn right I’m afraid of it. Aware of it, respect it, yeah, but heck, I don’t want to get the thing. I’m serious, guys, over 250,000 people have died of it. So if you’re not afraid of it, you’re crazy.”"

So to know how serious this has been and then call anyone who opts out of any situation where they feel uncomfortable a quitter is surprising.