UFC's Anthony Johnson Threw a Woman's Yoga Mat Across a Gym, Insulted Her On Facebook

Stephen Douglas

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is a light heavyweight fighter in the UFC. Needless to say, he spends some time at the gym. He probably even has a routine. Don’t mess with that routine. Especially if you’re an “ugly girl” who is “built like a bag of dry dog food.” Do not put our your yoga mat in the wrong spot or you’re liable to have that mat ripped out from under you. Here’s Rumble’s account (via Bloody Elbow) from Facebook which has already been deleted.

Obviously, we don’t know the entire story. Maybe she was talking a lot of trash. And maybe she was stretching in the way of people trying to lift weights. Still, this isn’t a great look for “Rumble” Johnson.

A few years ago, Johnson was kicked out of the UFC for continually missing weight. He returned at a bigger weightclass two years later and fought his way to a light heavyweight title fight against Daniel Cormier in May. Johnson was not kicked out of the UFC for any of his alleged domestic violence accusations. In September 2014, he was “suspended indefinitely” (until January) because of some allegations from the mother of his children. For instance, he knocked out two of her teeth in 2012. He also had domestic “incidents” in 2009 and 2012.