UFC Fighter Mike Perry on Taxes: "Don't Give Me Money If You Don't Want Me To Spend It"

Stephen Douglas
UFC Fight Night: Perry v Gall
UFC Fight Night: Perry v Gall / Handout/Getty Images

Mike Perry beat Mickey Gall at UFC on ESPN: Poirier vs. Hooker on Saturday night. Speaking to ESPN's Jon Anik after the bout, Perry gave one of the more honest interviews a fighter will ever give about his financial situation. He's just a guy who feels like his taxes are too high.

It's an interesting rant. Perry doesn't want more money from the UFC - as so many fighters do - he just wants the government to stop taking so much of the money he does have. Not necessarily because he doesn't think he shouldn't have to pay the taxes, but because when he has money, he wants to wyle / wile out.

By my count, Perry made around $368,000 over three fights last year. That includes guaranteed pay for his three fights, one win bonus and two fight of the night bonuses. Depending on the tax laws in Uruguay where he earned $118,000... I have no idea how much he should owe the IRS.

When having a job that doesn't pay you a normal salary with taxes taken out, things can get complicated. When Perry says, "Don't give me money if you don't want me to spend it," I bet most independent contractors are nodding in agreement.

Hopefully he can find a good CPA so he knows how much of the reported $190,000 he earned last night he can spend on mai tais.