UFC 261 Tickets Say You're On Your Own if You Get COVID

Stephen Douglas
Dana White watching a fight.
Dana White watching a fight. / Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

UFC 261 will take place in Jacksonville, Florida on April 24th. Dana White and the UFC are really excited about it because the government coronabros have been keeping them from holding superspreader events for the entire pandemic. Well, thanks to the state of Florida, that is coming to an end on April 24th.

UFC 261 tickets went on sale to the general public this morning. It sold out in minutes. Fifteen thousand people will be there.

And if any of them catch COVID, it's not the UFC's fault. The fine print when you purchase tickets says that attending the event "may lead to exposure to COVID-19 and that contraction of COVID-19 may result in severe and permanent damange to the health" of the ticket holder "and/or others." So if you catch COVID from someone who caught caught at UFC 261 and die, it's not the UFC's fault.

This isn't surprising, but it's still jarring to see in print. The UFC is putting on a show that they know is likely going to result in some people catching COVID-19. If they had their way they never would have stopped putting on shows in front of full-capacity crowds, safety of the public be damned.