Fighters Drink From Shoes at UFC 245

Stephen Douglas

Tonight at 11, it's called a "shoey" and your UFC fighters might be doing them. Australian heavyweight Tai Tuivasa was cageside at UFC 245 on Saturday. When he was shown on the broadcast, he poured a beer in a shoe and drank it.

American featherweight Cub Swanson also did a shoey. He did not look like he totally wanted to do it and he definitely looked like he didn't enjoy it. Having said that, he may now be considered an honorary Australian.

Tuivasa previously did a shoe at UFC 225 after a win. It is unclear if these shoes are thrown out or washed and put back behind the bar.

There's the Shoey! Tai Tuivasa celebrates at #UFC225

Posted by UFC on Saturday, June 9, 2018