UConn Scored 21 Straight Against Central Florida, Tweeted About It

Social media is a funny thing. The best thing to do always under almost every scenario is to not tweet, but sometimes you get paid to tweet and you regrettably have to tweet. That's what happened to whoever was in charge of UConn's football account tonight. The University of Central Florida beat UConn, 56-21 and the person behind @UConnFootball had to say something. And they did, and it was pretty good.

You can't deny it was a 21-0 run against the 2017 National Champs. Hang a banner. Don't forget to mention you covered. And the truth is, UConn came closer to beating Central Florida than anyone has since UCF's last loss to Pitt on September 21, 2019. That's a freebie, @UConnFootball. You can have that for your next tweet.