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UConn Football Had Very Bad Body Language During Their Loss to Holy Cross

Stephen Douglas

Holy Cross beat UConn in a college football game on Saturday, 38-28. With the loss, UConn is now 0-2 on the season with a loss to a FCS team. Things are not going great in Rand Edsall's second stint with the Huskies. The pure lack of enthusiasm for UConn football was on full display during the 4th quarter yesterday when defensive coordinator Lous Spanos put his fist in the air and for the most part, players did not join him.

It's just a five-second clip, but it certainly looks bad. UConn responsibly sat out the 2020 season rather than deal with COVID. In the three previous seasons they went a combined 6-30. Amazingly, Edsall got a contract extension this March. So... I don't know. You and I are probably as lost as the players.