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US Open Tennis Twitter Account Brutally Roasts Seahawks Fan

Liam McKeone
US Open
US Open / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Across the pond in the world of tennis, Wimbledon continued on Saturday. Nick Kyrgios, a good player who is far more notorious for his on-court tantrums than any of his career accomplishments, earned a cool point by sneakily serving between his legs. The official Sportscenter Twitter account sent out the video to their audience.

Anybody who goes online nowadays knows what to expect when a big network posts content of... anything, really: there will be numerous replies suggesting the sport in question was not, in fact, a sport. It's extremely dumb but actually gave the rest of us a laugh today when the US Open Tennis account decided to strike back.

Here we see user @Seahawksfan2314 tweet that tennis was not a sport.

Yes, yes, very clever. Here's the funny part.

Goodness me. Corporate Twitter accounts making fun of random people got old a few years ago but this is just so specific!

Give me all the Drew Lock roasts before the season starts and we have to face the reality that either Baker Mayfield or Geno Smith will be starting by Week 4.