U.S. Open Streaker Hit Balls on the Course Before Getting Tackled

Ryan Phillips
Streaker at the U.S. Open
Streaker at the U.S. Open /

The U.S. Open had a streaker on Sunday. Someone ran onto the course with a club in hand, put a ball down and took a swing, danced around, took another swing, avoided security and finally got tackled.

Here's video of the scene:

Here's another angle:

I'll say this, the guy has a pretty nice swing. All things considered, it's a good stroke.

I've never seen anything like that at a major before, then again, I've never seen someone get a ball stuck in a tree either. Yet another fan being an idiot in the post-pandemic world. I'm not sure when this will stop but it needs to. Sports fans have been acting insane since they were allowed back into venues.

It has truly been a pretty crazy final round at Torrey Pines on Sunday. From the tree shot, to the streaker, to guys completely melting down, it's just been nutty all the way around.